Fertilizer Giant Yara International Acquires Adapt-N Nitrogen Modeling Tech

Multinational chemical company Yara International has acquired Agronomic Technology Corp (ATC), an agricultural field modeling company for soil, water, crops, and fertilizer, for an undisclosed sum.

ATC is the maker of Adapt-N, a software tool for agronomists that combines data around soil types and weather with crop modeling and field management to provide farmers with detailed fertilizer prescriptions, to avoid overuse and wastage.

Its Adapt-N and N-Insight products provide nitrogen management solutions in partnership with agricultural retailers, agricultural technology companies, and farmers. 

Yara is a Norwegian chemical producer dealing in fertilizers, animal nutrition, and other industrial chemicals along with relevant safety and control services around their use, but its largest product is nitrogen fertilizer. The firm is listed on the Oslo stock exchange and reported kr95.2 billion ($11.7 billion) in revenue for 2016.

Though the parties have decided not to release a price tag on the deal, Yara International senior vice president for digital farming Stefan Fürnsinn told AgFunderNews that the investment was “significant” but ” strategic.”

“It was not in the range of $1 billion to $550 million,  but it was also not $1 million,” he said.

Read the full story at www.AgFunderNews.com.

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