Startup Using Deep Learning to Fight Food Waste Raises $2m Seed Round

AgShift, a California-based food inspection technology startup using deep learning to assess the quality of produce has raised a $2 million seed round led by Exfinity Ventures, an Indian VC focused on frontier technologies.

AgShift applies deep learning to the inspection of fresh produce through a mobile app. At every point in the supply chain from farm to wholesaler, to distributer, to packer or processor, to retailer, fresh produce is inspected for freshness, damage, size, and color to fit within the specifications the industry has set as well as the USDA’s grading system.

Currently this process, according to AgShift founder Miku Jha, is time-consuming and subjective. Receivers accept a palate of produce, unwrap the palate, remove a few packages and inspect them either with the human eye or using rulers, evaluating size, color and amount of bruising. This process leads to inconsistency of quality arriving at the final destination, which ultimately leads to food waste.

Read the full story at

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