Before disaster strikes, DHL has a 6-step plan

Walking through parts of San Juan, Puerto Rico today, the effect of Hurricane Maria is largely invisible. But every so often, turn a corner and there she is in a mostly vacant building or a severely damaged school stadium.

After the storm made landfall, parts of Puerto Rico lost power for 11 months. Cell phone service was down for months too — in fact, Maria was the only hurricane of the last five major U.S. storms to wipe out 100% of cell towers in the affected area for at least 10 days, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Ewar Rivera knows a thing or two about hurricanes. He’s DHL’s director of operations for supply chain services in Puerto Rico and was tasked with getting his operation and his customers through the historic 2017 storm. Though no one could anticipate what kind of damage the island’s first Category 5 hurricane since 1928 would bring, DHL was as prepared as it knew how.

After Maria, DHL was able to get its 10 warehouses on the island up and running within 36 hours.

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