Are we heading toward 24/7 logistics services or are we already there?

In April, Amazon announced the standard shipping speed for Prime purchases would transition from two days to one. Walmart responded within three weeks with its own next-day shipping transition. Two weeks after that, FedEx announced it would extend its ground service from six to seven days per week in 2020. And less than two weeks ago, FedEx COO Raj Subramaniam announced Target has joined Rent the Runway in taking advantage of FedEx’s “extra hours” late pickup service for e-commerce orders. 

E-commerce fulfillment and delivery is stretching — extending into hours and days it has historically not touched. Individually, each of these moves may seem like a small shift. In fact, Supply Chain Dive reported Amazon’s two to one-day shift for Prime orders requires little operational change. But together, these service changes lead to the question: How long before the last mile of the supply chain runs constantly? Read the full story at