The hemp supply chain has a rare chance to get traceability right

The farm bill rarely makes everyone (or anyone) completely happy, but one small group of farmers is ending the year on a high note.

Hemp is now legal at the federal level, after President Trump signed the Farm Bill into law yesterday. This means hemp and its derivatives are no longer classified as a controlled substance and can legally be regulated by state and tribal governments.

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Why Some Cannabis Investors Welcome Trump Admin Threats, Uncertainty

A close reading of cannabis news so far in 2018 is enough to cause headline whiplash. One headline says that investors are running for the hills, while another says that stocks are soaring and legal cannabis is here to stay.

Cannabis industry insiders tell AgFunderNews that the most confusing element of the events of the last nine days is that it’s all true, all at the same time.

“Most dedicated cannabis investors have expected some sort of action. It’s never a dull moment in the cannabis industry. You should expect change,” says Patrick Rea, cofounder and CEO of Colorado-based cannabis startup accelerator Canopy.

Rea says this uncertainty only spooks investors without much experience in the industry.

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