The Atlantic

How a Bronx Community College Could Change the Conversation about Food – June 2015

Civil Eats

The Women Behind Harlem’s Farmers’ Markets – June 2016

NYC Food Policy Center

Hungry and Homebound – September 28

The Huffington Post

Eating Older Animals Could Be a Huge Help to Our Planet and Our Souls – May 2015

Metropolis Magazine

Reclaiming the Viaduct – September 2016

Edible Manhattan

East and West Coast Foodtech Start-ups Mix in Silicon Valley – September 2016

3 Agriculture Tech Innovations from FOOD IT: Solution Harvest – August 2016

Naomi Starkman Doesn’t Think We Can Disrupt the Human Nature of Food – August 2016

In Harlem, Rum Gets the Spotlight at Solomon & Kuff – May 2016

Foodstand Offers Free Advice to Food Entrepreneurs – February 2016

How to Make Hilton Midtown’s Brooklyn Dill Pickle – September 2015

OurHarvest Is the New Kid on the Farm-to-Doorstep Block – September 2015

Start-up Afineur Transforms Coffee with Microbes – July 2015

Good Food Mercantile Is Not the Fancy Food Show – July 2015

Harlem Eatup! Might Just Be a Populist Food Festival – May 2015

With Over 500 Shares, Running One of New York City’s Largest CSAs Takes Expert Planning – May 2015

It’s Alive: Radicle Farm Company Wants You to Save Salad Greens by Snipping Your Own – April 2015

Harlem on the Rise: Uptown’s Hospitality and Culinary Industries Look to the Past to Inform the Future – February 2015

Experience First, Fuel Second: Coffee Geekdom Unites at Our Coffee Summit – April 2014

Beyond the Kale: Upcoming Book Analyzes Urban Agriculture and Social Justice Activism in New York City – March 2014

Have Chilis, Will Travel: Brooklyn “Masters of Social Gastronomy” Take on Sriracha – March 2014

Refinery 29

Do you really know where your food is coming from? – October 2015

Foods That Will Land You In A Jail Or (Gulp) A Coffin – July 2015

What Do LGBT Rights Have To Do With Sandwiches? – May 2015

Garden Collage

Farm-to-Bar? Brewers Are Growing Beer Ingredients Above Manhattan’s Waldorf Astoria – November 2015

Sangria With Purpose – September 2015

How Bang Bang Mastered Floral Tattoos – August 2015

Hawthorne Valley’s “Sauerkraut House” – August 2015

Picnic Classics Revisited – August 2015

No-Cook Stone Fruit Desserts – July 2015

Herbal Coffee for All-day Sipping – July 2015

Why Everyone Should Embrace The Ugly Food Movement – May 2015

In the Field with Katchkie Farm’s Bob Walker – April 2015

Brighten Up Your Greens with Edible Flowers – April 2015

Executive Magazine (Beirut, Lebanon)

Hospitality: Red hot competition in Beirut’s Restaurant Scene – July 2011

Something wrong under the hood: the dubious tactics of Lebanon’s Insurance industry – February 2011

Gold: To buy or not to buy – November 2010

Crisis-proof style: Fashion giant Louis Vuitton finally makes it to Beirut – August 2010

Shadows of foreclosure: court ruling changes the game for Dubai real estate – February 2010

A sting in the tail: Quick-fix Eurobond sales could come back with a bite – January 2010


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