New Jersey Investor Pledges to End Supermarket Waste in Five Years

California Safe Soil (CSS) technology is headed to the East Coast in a big way with the goal of ending supermarket fresh food waste in the United States in five years.

CSS uses a patented enzymatic digestion process to turn fresh food waste into fertilizer and animal feed. And one of its investors — board member Justin Kamine of KDC Agriculture, a subsidiary of Kamine Development — is licensing the tech to build a plant somewhere in the New York City tristate area. In addition to the Kamine family, Howard Buffet and former USDA Secretary Anne Veneman are on KDC Ag’s advisory board.

The $40 million East Coast plant will be roughly double the size of CSS’s West Sacramento facility, taking in 60,000 tons of fresh food waste per year generating 12 million gallons of fertilizer and 12 million pounds of animal feed. CSS’s current plant in West Sacramento will be able to process 30,000 tons of waste when the 80,000 sq.ft. facility is fully built out.

The process has four steps that mimic human digestion and lead to a stable a customizable result. First, the fruits, vegetables, baked goods and meat are ground to a sludge. Then enzymes are introduced to break down the fatty acids, amino acids and proteins. Next, the liquid is pasteurized using a heat and motion method, and finally a centrifuge is used to standardize the mixture into the fat, protein and simple sugar ratio needed to produce the company’s certified organic fertilizer product, called “Harvest to Harvest” (H2H), or any custom ratio that customers request.

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